Hangfire Pro Downloads

Hangfire Pro packages are hosted on a private ProGet Server. Package downloads are available only for Hangfire Pro subscribers. After paying, you’ll instantly receive a link to download the Hangfire Pro binaries (non-NuGet based). Please give me 24 hours to generate your credentials for private NuGet server.

Avaliable Packages

  • Hangfire.Pro – batches and batch continuations to create a bunch of background jobs atomically as well as add continuation after all batch jobs executed.
  • Hangfire.Pro.Redis – ultra-fast job storage for Hangfire based on key-value store Redis.
  • Hangfire.Pro.PerformanceCounters – allows Hangfire to publish its metrics to Windows Performance Counters – the standard way to monitor Windows applications and services.

Configuring Feed

To configure a private feed in Visual Studio open Tools → NuGet Package Manager → Package Manager Settings and add a new feed with the following URL:


Package Manager Settings Window

Alternatively, you can run the following command to add a new package source using command line:

nuget sources add -Name "Hangfire Pro" -Source https://nuget.hangfire.io/nuget/hangfire-pro -UserName user -Password secret

Installing Packages

After configuring private NuGet feed, use your favourite method to install Hangfire Pro NuGet packages.

Package Manager Console

The Package Manage Console can be opened in Visual Studio through ToolsLibrary Package ManagerPackage Manager Console.

PM> Install-Package Hangfire.Pro

More details about Package Manager Console

Package Manager Dialog (Visual Studio)

  1. Right-click on your project and click “Manage NuGet Packages”.
  2. Select “NuGet Offical Package Source”
  3. Search for “Hangfire”, using the search bar at the top right
  4. Select “Hangfire” and choose Install

More details on how to use Package Manager Dialog

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