This pre-release contains a lot of new features of an upcoming Hangfire 1.4.0 – continuations, time zone support for recurring jobs, new dashboard ui, new configuration classes.

Release Notes


  • Added – Job continuations, please see new BackgroundJob.ContinueWith methods.
  • Added – Time zone support for recurring jobs using TimeZoneInfo class.
  • Added – Single place for global configuration, please see GlobalConfiguration class.
  • Added – Made configurable the ‘Back to Site’ path in the dashboard (by @ysasaki1985).
  • Added – Ability to plug in custom dashboard pages and modify navigation.
  • Added – Ability to add custom metrics to the Home page in Dashboard.
  • Added – Test coverage badge from Coveralls application.
  • Added – Dedicated page for retrying jobs to distinguish them from other scheduled jobs.
  • Added – Show expiration time on Job Details page.
  • Added – More methods for build-in storage through JobStorageConnection and JobStorageTransaction classes.
  • Added – Paging support for Recurring Jobs page.
  • Added – New OWIN’s IAppBuilder extension methods: UseHangfireDashboard and UseHangfireServer.
  • Changed – New look and feel for Dashboard. New navigation, less colors, more accents.
  • Changed – Determine job type of a current object when MethodCallExpression has Object property set.
  • Changed – Making Product Version and File Version on the dll match the Assembly Version (by @fire-eagle).
  • Changed – Use different log level for exceptions occured within automatic retry wrapper.
  • Fixed – Recurring Page throws exception from CronExpressionDescriptor library.


  • Added – Make the expiration check interval configurable (by @travisblakeney).
  • Changed – Automatically aggregate records in Hangfire.Counter table.
  • Changed – Add indexes to prevent blocking rows by Expiration Manager.
  • Changed – Remove the with tablock hint from the expiration cleanup (by @travisblakeney).


  • Changed – Speed up GetCount method with native implementation.
  • Fixed – Incorrect order of fetching when multiple queues used.


  • Added – Allow a URI to be used for RabbitMQConnectionConfiguration (by @dennyferra).

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